2 min readNov 18, 2020

With a great excitement, here we announce a successful launch of a very unique, advanced and self sustainable platform, TRXBULL.

TrxBull is a smart contract based platform fully developed on Tron Blockchain. A community contributed fund raising platform where everyone and anyone can invest or contribute to the community fund and earn without any risk.

No risk,No scam, No human interaction, No admin, No one can steal your money, No back door and 1000% decentralized platform.

Maximum 200% return on your investment.

Daily 1% to 5% income you can earn from here. 1% daily return is minimum and maximum it can go up to 5%, which depends on smart contract balance.

Once smart contract balance reaches up to 1 million trons, additional 0.1% daily bonus will be added to 1% daily income. That is 1.1%. similarly smart contract balance becomes 2 million additional 0.1% will be added. This way it can reach up to 5% daily income.

If users withdraw amount, then daily income percentage can decrease. But it will never become zero because when user withdraw any amount, 25% of that amount will be re-invested to his/her previously deposited amount and for which he/she will get compounding interest.

This way, smart contract balance will never become zero and people can earn for life long. You can invest multiple times to earn multiple times.

Referral Income:

10% referral income is divided as follows

5% is the direct referral income for level-1

3% referral bonus for level-2

1% referral bonus for level-3

1% referral bonus for level-4

TRXBULL is completely different from other DeFi projects in terms of business model as it is a self sustainable system.

TRXBULL is accepted by most of the Dapp sites. You can go through the list of Dapp sites in telegram group.

Let’s build a community where everyone can support each other and work towards one goal that is financial freedom.


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